Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get touched.

Last night I was checking on my Facebook account and i was interested to read the notes that was produced by my friends. I was touched with the notes because the notes are full of emotions. Plus, the words are really unique and very nice. So, i want to share the notes. 

Existence of Delusion: Weakness
By: Micheal Weil

As I watch the photos begin to form, I see the memory between you and me deform.

The feelings we once shared, are ashes from the fire, it has disappeared.

Our lives start to spread, and split, into two paths like crossroads to a dead end. A grim disguise, the slashes of a scythe comes down upon me, renewed hope vanishing from my eyes.

I hear your voice a thousand times in my head, the voice that destroys the dread. I created a void to help me forget, of the person that I once loved more than anything; an entity of pure being.

Hope. Love. Warmth. Is what you gave me; is this how our fates were destined to be? A feeling that I was so sure of before, till I realised that the Dream was crashing like waves on the shore. The ocean’s breeze...A feeling I adore more than anything, even if it means sacrificing a heart so pure.

A sea, an ocean, whatever you want to be. I’ll cross you and conquer you so one day I’ll be free, of this curse that you’ve put on me. A curse to love one such as thee. 

Bang! Like blood from hearts evolving like caterpillars to butterflies. 
I've seen the person you’ve blossomed into, a flower so rare it grows on the hills of an untold land.

I can, I will, embark on a journey, I will explore. No matter how much it kills me, to find the treasure I’ve been searching for.

A human being, what am I? I fell into the trap I laid long ago, my empty feelings filled with your... intoxicating grace. I pray you remember me, even if I have to be the one to fall down, down into this hellish place.

An ice box where my heart used to be, a feeling that I’ve frozen to stop the Torment of an eternity. I lay my life on the line for you, to die for a feeling that I once believed was true.

Like innocent fairies dancing on a string of hope and telling me things I’ve wanted to hear, they come up and whisper into my ear: I love you more than anything my dear. 

My world brightens up as I see the photos form, but this time into a picture. A picture that I would cherish from.

-April 9Th